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About us

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Camping Expert was created in 2019 from the need to find an ideal campsite in an easy way. We know from our own experience that it is not always easy to get an overall picture of a campground without scouring the entire Internet. Especially if you are looking for rental accommodation, you quickly find yourself in a wir-war of providers and booking sites. That could be better, we thought!

Camping Playa Montroig water park

Camping reviews

On Camping Expert you will get a complete picture of a campsite by means of a description of the campsite along with an overview of all providers of rental accommodations. Of course, provided with a map of the campground. Popular campsites we also visit ourselves. Based on our own experience, read our description (and review) of the campground. With our own photos and videos, you also get a visual complete of the campground. So no slick brochure pictures, but a “real-life” impression of the campsite.

Camping Quiz

Thanks to the unique Camping Quiz, you will receive customized advice based on your preferences. That will make your search for the perfect campsite a lot easier. Answer a few questions about your camping preferences and receive a list of campsites that best fit your needs. Then you will immediately see where you can book rental accommodations at these campsites.

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Are you still exploring your next vacation? In our extensive blogs we offer you even more inspiration & tips. Looking for blogs about a specific country? For example, check out our blogs on France, Italy, Croatia or Spain.

Camping de Zandstuve - safari tent - toddler campsite

Search function

Also use our handy search functions. You can use this to easily find a campsite based on filters. So you can search by accommodation type (safari tent, mobile home etc) or the size of the campsite. If you are a fan of a camping chain (Sandaya or Ardoer, for example) you can easily filter by that as well.

Unique to our search feature is the ability to also search by travel time and travel distance from Utrecht. For example, do you only want to travel a maximum of 800 km? Then you can set that and you will only get to see campsites within an 800 km radius from Utrecht.

Camping Lago Idro Glamping Boutique - pool view.

Need advice?

Are the blog, Camping Quiz and search functions still not helping you find the right campsite? Feel free to send us a message and we will be happy to help you with personalized advice for your next camping vacation!

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