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What started as its own campsite in Italy over 35 years ago, VacanceSelect is now a true camping and glamping specialist. VacanceSelect rents more than 31,000 accommodations on over 1,200 campsites in more than 16 countries in Europe. In 2023, VacanceSelect was acquired by the European Camping Group (ECG) and merged with Camping Vision. This provides even more choice of vacation destinations, now including vacation parks and family resorts. The head office is located in Breda and VacanceSelect is a member of SGR, ANVR and the Calamity Fund. As a result, you take no risk in booking a vacation. The story of VacanceSelect began in Italy. With its own campground on Lake Garda, the company expanded a few years later to rent other accommodations around Lake Garda. Thanks in part to the acquisition, VacanceSelect is the top provider of family vacations in Europe. However, VacanceSelect’s mission remains the same: to offer everyone a unique vacation experience in which comfort, conviviality and nature are central. One can choose from 16 European countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. Accommodations available for rent through VacanceSelect include glamping tents, mobile homes, bungalows and apartments. The vacation destinations are carefully selected by the VacanceSelect staff. The main criteria are quality, location, hospitality and ambiance.
Target audience VacanceSelect ‘s target market is mainly families with young children, but they offer attractive vacations to everyone.


The advantages of booking with VacanceSelect are:
  • the most beautiful campsites and vacation parks
  • offerings in more than 16 European countries
  • the glamping specialist
  • over 35 years of experience
  • personal contact, hospitality & passion
  • member of SGR, ANVR and Calamiteitenfonds

Contact details

Phone number: +31 (0) 416 849853
Postal address: Bijster 13 – 4817 HZ Breda

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