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The Ultimate Camping Lake Garda Guide 2024

This is the most comprehensive advice guide for a camping vacation on Lake Garda….ever! In this guide you will read everything you need to find your perfect campsite on Lake Garda.

Lake Garda is a wildly popular destination, and for good reason! You can enjoy La Dolce Vita: Italian life with its delicious Italian cuisine, wines and beautiful villages.

You wonder: how do I choose my perfect vacation from all those dozens of campsites and providers? That’s exactly what this advice guide will help you do. Let’s get started!

Why a Camping at Lake Garda?

The azure-blue Lake Garda is one of the most important tourist areas in Italy! Lake Garda brings together everything Italy has to offer as a vacation country. You will visit beautiful picturesque villages and enjoy delicious food and drinks. A dip in the azure waters of Lake Garda gives you a wonderful vacation feeling. The many amusement and swimming parks also make this a perfect destination for children.

General information about Lake Garda

Lake Garda is located in northern Italy and lies in 3 different regions: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino. The most touristy part is in the south (Veneto). Surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, the lake is the ideal vacation for beach lovers, adventurers and culture buffs alike.
The distance from Utrecht to Lake Garda is (depending on your destination and route) about 1150 km. Lake Garda is big. Imagine a soccer club with 50 soccer fields, about that big. The perimeter is about 158 km (that’s as far as a one-way Amsterdam > Antwerp). The average depth of the lake is 136 meters.

Trips to Lake Garda

By car

Most people go by car to camp at Lake Garda. But how far is Lake Garda actually driving? That’s with a trip over about 1150 km is quite manageable. Whichever route you choose, it will be especially busy on weekends. It is best to plan your vacation so that you do not have to travel on weekends.
Briefly, you can choose from two different routes: via Austria or via Switzerland. Both routes have their advantages and disadvantages. The best route to choose depends on your preferences, day and time of departure and, for example, whether you want to stay overnight along the way. We list both options for you:

Via Germany and Austria to Lake Garda

Depending on the starting point in the Netherlands, several routes through Germany are possible. Your route is always via the Brenner Pass in Austria, but in Germany there are briefly two ways to get there:

Route 1: (via Munich)
Frankfurt > Nürnberg > Munich > Brenner Pass
Route 2: (via the Fernpass)
Stuttgart > Ulm > Füssen (Fernpass) > Innsbruck > Brenner Pass

The route via Munich is by highway, but it can be very busy at Munich. Especially during rush hour and weekends during the peak season. The route via the Fernpass is via provincial roads, so you cannot drive as fast. It can also be quite busy here during the high season. It is a beautiful route to drive, though. It is also an ideal place for an overnight stay if you do not want to drive to Lake Garda in one trip. Overnight stays are a bit cheaper than in Switzerland, and from here it is about another 4 hours to Lake Garda.

Tip: If you are on the road, you can use webcams to keep an eye on the crowds on the Fernpass.

Note that you need a vignette for the highways in Austria. You buy these at the ANWB. You can also buy a digital license plate vignette through the Asfinag site. Totally convenient is Asfinag’s “Digital Trajecttol. You create an account with license plate number and credit card. When you arrive at a toll gate, the barriers open automatically by scanning your license plate number. The toll is then automatically charged to your credit card. No more hassle with contact money at the toll booths. To use this, you do need to arrange it 18 days before departure. This is because of the consumer right to revoke purchases. With a business account, you can still arrange it last-minute, though, because businesses don’t have a right of withdrawal.

If you are going to spend the night in Germany, you may need an environmental sticker depending on where you are staying. Check before you leave if you need this: it takes about 5 business days after your order is delivered to your home.

Via Switzerland to Lake Garda

The route to Lake Garda via Switzerland is always through the Gotthard Tunnel. The capacity of this tunnel is limited: only 1 lane in both directions for a length of 17 km. When the tunnel is too crowded, no cars are allowed in and waiting times can reach several hours. If you travel on weekends during the busy peak season, this route may not be the best choice. Staying overnight in this place is also expensive compared to Germany or Austria. If you travel outside the crowds and can drive in one trip (without an overnight stay) then this does make a perfect route to Lake Garda. Note that you need a vignette (+purchase receipt) for Swiss highways! You buy these at the ANWB.

Lake Garda by plane

Don’t feel like the long car ride to Lake Garda? Then take the plane! You have two airports close to Lake Garda: Verona and Bergamo.

Verona to Lake Garda
From Amsterdam, fly directly to Verona with Transavia or KLM. You can fly cheaply from Brussels Charleroi to Verona with Ryanair. If you live close to the German border, Cologne may still be an option. From there, Eurowings flies cheaply to Verona.
Having arrived in Verona, it is of course extremely worthwhile to visit the city itself. With a rental car you can then drive to Lake Garda in half an hour. Or take the train to Pescheira or Desenzano. The North of Lake Garda is more difficult to reach by train.

Bergamo to Lake Garda
Cheap and direct flights to Bergamo can be found from Eindhoven with Ryanair. With the Flixbus you can get from Bergamo to Lake Garda (Peschiera Del Garda) very easily and cheaply. From there, buses run all around Lake Garda. With a (rental) car you can drive (depending on your destination) to Lake Garda within 60 to 90 minutes.

Which side of Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a great vacation destination, how do you know which side of Lake Garda is the most beautiful? We’ll give you a hand.
Are you looking for beautiful nature, tranquility, small villages and quaint harbors? Then head to the western side of Lake Garda.
Looking for more entertainment, tourist villages, amusement parks and boulevards? Then head to the (South) East side of Lake Garda.
If you’re looking for a sporty vacation, head north of the lake. There is more wind there, so very suitable for surfing, for example.


In the summer, the weather is wonderful at Lake Garda. Temperatures are around 30°C and there is plenty of sunshine. The water temperature of Lake Garda is also very pleasant at 25°C in summer. Because Lake Garda is located among the mountains, it can also be quite windy, especially in the north of the lake (ideal for surfing!). Lake Garda is also known for the fact that it can be quite spooky with heavy rain and thunderstorms whether or not combined with heavy hailstorms.

Nicest villages near Lake Garda


Lazise is perhaps the most popular village on Lake Garda and also one of the most beautiful. It is an attractive village with a cozy harbor surrounded by terraces and the old San Nicolò church. It is also car-free, allowing you to stroll past quaint stores and delicious restaurants. With an ice cream in hand from one of the many ice cream parlors, you walk past the beautiful Italian buildings overlooking the lake.


Nicknamed “the pearl of Lake Garda,” Sirmione is the busiest village on the lake. Due to its special location on a peninsula on the south side of Lake Garda, access to the center is quite limited. Visit the famous Castello Rocca Scaligera for stunning views of Lake Garda. Combine this with the Caves of Cuttulus. In this museum you will find beautiful ancient ruins from Roman times.


Bardolino, of course, is known for its delicious wines. Combine a visit to the quaint old town center, with its harbor and connecting promenade, with a visit to one of the local wineries. On Thursdays there is a weekly market where you can buy the most delicious local products.

Peschiera del Garda

This fortified town is located in the tourist part of Lake Garda (in the Southeast) and has a beautiful old town center and a lovely little harbor. It is also called the Venice of Lake Garda. You can ride a gondola here through the canals of Peschiera.

Day trips from Lake Garda

Besides all the beautiful villages around Lake Garda, you can also take fun day trips to other cities. The most popular destination for a day trip is Verona. This is the city of the famous Shakespeare story Romeo & Juliet. In addition, it is also possible to visit Venice. This beautiful city is easily accessible by train or car. If you have even more time, consider day trips to Milan or Bergamo.

Activities on and around Lake Garda

Lake Garda itself, of course, is the biggest draw. If you also want something other than splashing around in the azure waters of the lake, here are some tips for other activities on and around Lake Garda.


Around Lake Garda you will find a lot of hiking trails through the beautiful surroundings. There are easy hikes, but you can also choose more challenging trails. For example, there are themed and family hikes, as well as multi-day treks. This makes it a fun activity for young and old alike.


Around the lake, more than 40 bike routes have been mapped out for mountain bikers. However, there are also great routes for family biking. Work is underway to build a bike path around the entire Lake Garda area. In 2018, the first part of this Garda bike path opened: in Limone del Garda, you can travel 2.5 km by bike or on foot, and this path literally hangs over the lake. More and more sections are being added to already existing bike paths. The entire route will be completed by 2026.


Lake Garda lends itself emphatically to several water sports. So you can rent a boat and spend a few hours relaxing on Lake Garda. If you want something more challenging, consider wind and kite surfing. There are several places where you can rent surfboards or take surf lessons. And of course, the wildly popular supping is also possible on Lake Garda and is one of the most fun activities you can do here. Enjoy the tranquility as you paddle the azure waters.

Amusement parks near Lake Garda

The two largest amusement parks on Lake Garda are located on the southeastern can of the lake between Peschiera Del Garda and Lazise. Here you will find Gardaland and Movieland.


Gardaland is Italy’s largest amusement park with many different roller coasters for young and old. In 2023, the new attraction Jumanji The Labyrinth opened: can you save Jumanji by finding the sacred gem & survive the jungle maze? You will also find several (wild) water rides, there is a Peppa Pig Land, several shows are staged and there are many other attractions. The park is suitable for the whole family; there is also plenty to do for toddlers. An entrance ticket costs €44 online; children smaller than 100 cm may enter for free. A multi-day admission ticket is very interesting in terms of price.
At the Gardaland you will also find the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium. You can buy a combination ticket for access to both parts. The Legoland Water Park also opened here in 2020, see the Water Parks at Lake Gard section.


Movieland, along with Caneva Aquapark, is part of CanevaWorld. Movieland is a movie-themed amusement park. There are cool stunt shows and awesome rides. In the summer, the park is even open until 11 p.m. Tickets for Movieland can be purchased online for €34 for adults and €28 for children >100 cm and <140 cm. Children up to 100 cm have free access to the park.
Tip: Are you in a campground nearby? Then check out combination tickets to Movieland and Aqualand. For example, you can buy a 7-day card for €64 (>100 cm), which allows you to go to both parks for 7 days. Good deal!

Water parks at Lake Garda

There are some great water parks around Lake Garda, we list them for you:

Legoland Water Park - part of Gardaland

Europe’s first Legoland Water Park will open in 2021! Go rafting on your personalized Lego raft in the LEGO River Adventure, enjoy the amazing water playground with slides at Beach Party and build your own lego creation on the Creation Island. Little ones have fun in the Duplo splash while older children enjoy the adventure slides in Jungle Adventures. Of course, there is also a Miniland, where more than 4 million Lego bricks are used to recreate the most beautiful Italian monuments. Please note that admission is only possible with a combo ticket with Gardaland. The price for a combo ticket starts from €54.

Parco Acquatico Cavour

A very nice water park especially for families with children up to about 12 years old. It is located about 15 km below Peschiera. Prices are acceptable and everything looks neat and tidy. There is a lot of greenery and even a beautiful beach with palm trees with low water where small children can play. Slides are there for young and old. A perfect water park for a day out. You can visit between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and tickets are €25 for adults and €18 for children (3-10 years old) and seniors (65+). Children aged 0 to 2 are free.

Tip: starting at 2:30 p.m., get a few euros off your admission ticket!

Caneva Aqua Park (CanevaWorld)

A large water park close to Peschiera and Lazise. Suitable for whole family. There are also many spectacular slides, making it a cool water park even for older children. Prices are €34 for adults and €28 for children (>100 cm and <140 cm). Children up to 100 cm have free admission.

Tip: Buy your tickets online for a few euros off. Would you also like to visit the adjacent Movieland? Then buy a discounted combination ticket!

Parco Acquatico Picoverde

Compared to the water parks above, Parco Acquatico Picoverde is a small and quiet park. It is a short half-hour drive southeast of Peschiera. You have a there fine sunbathing area with pool and are fun slides for young and old. At the pizzeria you not only get a delicious meal, but also have a great view of the surroundings. If you ask us, this is a wonderful place to enjoy a fine summer day! Admission is between €13 and €17 for adults (weekdays/holidays) and €9 and €11 for children 3 to 10 years old (weekdays/holidays).

Tip: Starting at 2:30 p.m., get a few euros off the entrance fee.

Camping Lake Garda

Finding a Camping at Lake Garda does not have to be very difficult, because around Lake Garda there are dozens of them. Yet it is often difficult to find just the ideal campsite that meets your needs. Did you find a nice campsite? Then don’t wait too long to book, because popular campsites (especially in high season) are often quickly booked up.
Tip: With many providers, you can still cancel for free when you book far ahead!

Best Campsites Lake Garda

The best campsite on Lake Garda is different for everyone, but judging by the campsites with the highest reviews, these are the 7 best Campsites on Lake Garda:
  • Camping Piantelle – Lake Garda – Moniga del Garda Located directly on Lake Garda, this 4-star campground has a spacious pool with children’s pool, sauna, entertainment and a pebble beach with boat rentals. Camping Piantelle is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Google Reviews out of 900+ reviews. Some comments are: “best camping in the Lake Garda area”, “nice camping, animation for the children (7 and 9) was super in 2021, the children enjoyed it very much. Quiet campsite on Lake Garda, you walk from the campsite into the lake and through the boulevard to the village where there are nice restaurants” and “great staff and beautiful campsite”. The campground has several accommodations for rent through Eurocamp, VacanceSelect, Roan, Allcamps or LuxCamp.
  • Camping Weekend Glamping Resort – Lake Garda – San Felice del Benaco When you stay at Camping Weekend Glamping Resort, you have insane views of Lake Garda and surrounding villages from everywhere. This luxury glamping campsite in Italy offers everything for a perfect vacation on beautiful Lake Garda. The campground is a true paradise for children with extensive swimming facilities, activities to do and a daily entertainment program. For a luxury vacation, this is the place to be! A variety of accommodations are available for rent through multiple providers, including mobile homes and safari tents.
  • Camping Europa Silvella – Lake Garda – San Felice del Benaco A 5-star campsite located directly on Lake Garda: Camping Europa Silvella is an attractive family campsite on the western side of Lake Garda. The campsite has a large swimming pool with a separate children’s pool and at the restaurant you can enjoy a delicious Italian meal. The campground receives a score of 4.5 out of 5 according to 1100+ Google reviews. Through Eurocamp, Allcamps or VacanceSelect you can rent luxury mobile homes, as well as pitches for your own tent or caravan. View the entire list of providers here.
  • Camping Du Parc – Lake Garda – Lazise Right on the lake and just a 10-minute walk away from the delightful village of Lazise: this fine 3-star family campground is perfectly located. Camping Du Parc has multiple pools & several restaurants and is rated 4.5 out of 5 from more than 1,700 reviews on Google. In addition to pitches, you can rent mobile homes or bungalows here through VacanceSelect or Allcamps.
  • Camping Piani di Clodia – Lake Garda – Lazise The highlight of this campground are its seven (!) swimming pools with six spectacular slides and an aqua playground for the little ones. The luxury 5-star Camping Piani di Clodia is located directly on Lake Garda and through the promenade you can walk to the lively center of Lazise. This campsite was named ANWB Campsite of the Year in 2024. Luxury mobile homes are available for rent through VacanceSelect, Allcamps, Suncamp and Luxcamp, among others.
  • Camping La Rocca Manerba – Lake Garda – Manerba Camping La Rocca Manerba is located on the western side of Lake Garda. A unique feature of this 4-star campground is that the lake beaches are located on either side of the campground. The amazing vistas are also striking. This quiet and attractive campsite has a swimming pool with sunbathing area and a separate children’s pool. You can bring your own boat, as one of the two beaches has a jetty. There are several accommodations available for rent through Eurocamp, Roan, VacanceSelect or Allcamps, such as an airlodge, safari tent or mobile home.
  • Camping Gasparina – Lake Garda -. Castelnuovo del Garda This is a smaller, cozy 4-star family campground located directly on Lake Garda. There is a swimming pool with children’s area and by the lake there is a special sunbathing area for camping guests. The restaurant at Camping Gasparina serves delicious pizza and there is an animation team for children aged about 4-10. Gardaland amusement park is just a 15-minute walk away. Book your rental here.

Camping Lake Garda with Slides

Are you looking for a Lake Garda Campsite with cool slides or even a complete water park? These are the top campsites with slides on Lake Garda:
  • Camping Bella Italia – Lake Garda – Peschiera del Garda This lively and large 5-star campground has been very popular with many families for years. With a large, spectacular water park (fun for young and old alike), plenty of entertainment every day, a variety of sports options and four different restaurants, it’s never boring here. Camping Bella Italia is located near the village of Peschiera del Garda, which can be reached via a beautiful promenade, or via the ‘Bella Italia Train’. You book one of several mobile homes through Eurocamp, VacanceSelect, Roan and Allcamps, among others. View all providers here.
  • Camping Piani di Clodia – Lake Garda – Lazise We would like to name this ANWB Camping of the Year 2024 again, because at Camping Piani di Clodia you will find no less than two water parks. In all, there are seven pools and six spectacular slides. Even the little ones can choose from very many slides for hours of water fun. The pools are known for its adrenaline but also for relaxation. In addition, with four whirlpools, saunas and more, this is a campground for the whole family. Luxury mobile homes are available for rent through VacanceSelect, Allcamps, Suncamp and Luxcamp, among others.
  • Camping Altomincio Family Park – Lake Garda – Valeggio Camping Altomincio Family Park is the ultimate children’s campsite near Lake Garda. The fantastic swimming pool with three slides and a children’s lagoon pool will keep children entertained for hours. There is even a special children’s bar at child height: children can order their own drinks or ice cream here. There are also five restaurants and the campground offers magnificent views. At Eurocamp, VacanceSelect and Roan, among others, there is a wide choice of different types of (luxury) mobile homes. Look here for all providers!

Popular campsites Lake Garda

Have you looked at campsites from the list above and still don’t know which campsite on Lake Garda you want to book? Then here we have a few additional popular campsites on Lake Garda:
  • Camping Eden – Lake Garda – San Felice del Benaco At Camping Eden you always have an overwhelming view of Lake Garda. This terraced campsite has two swimming pools, the zebra pool on the higher part of which also has two slides. There is also a splash pool (water playground) for toddlers. Near the lower pool is a cozy rooftop terrace overlooking Lake Garda. From the private pebble beach you can dive right into Lake Garda. Book a luxury mobile home or furnished bungalow or lodge tent through Eurocamp, VacanceSelect, Roan or one of the other providers.
  • Camping Cisano / San Vito – Lake Garda – Bardolino Located on the east coast, Camping Cisano / San Vito consists of two parts, which are connected by a small tunnel. As one of the few campsites, this site has a beautifully landscaped sandy beach near Lake Garda. There are two swimming pools: Cisano has a pool with a slide and separate children’s pool, San Vito has a large new lagoon pool. Both Lazise and Bardolino are within walking distance. You book a luxury mobile home or one of the bungalow or lodge tents through Eurocamp, Roan, VacanceSelect or one of the other providers.
  • Camping del Garda Village and Camping – Lake Garda – Peschiera del Garda Within walking distance of the famous town of Peschiera del Garda is Camping del Garda Village and Camping. This friendly family campground has two pool complexes and is a 500-meter walk from Lake Garda. Entertainment is provided for both children and adults, and you can enjoy delicious Italian food in the restaurant. Book your lodge tent or mobile home through Eurocamp, VacanceSelect, LuxCamp or Allcamps.
  • Camping The Garda Village – Lake Garda – Sirmione The large vacation park The Garda Village is located 2 km from the beautiful peninsula of Sirmione. The private beach, right on Lake Garda, and the pools offer plenty of water fun. Sports tournaments are organized, you can learn to surf and supp and there is an animation team. In short, the whole family will have fun here. There are different types of mobile homes for rent through Allcamps or Vacanceselect.
  • Camping del Garda – Lake Garda – Peschiera del Garda Camping del Garda is a beautiful campsite with lots of greenery and has a swimming pool with slides and a separate children’s pool. You walk straight to Lake Garda where you can take a dip in Lake Garda from the wooden jetties. Or have a nice meal at the on-site restaurant. The beautiful villages of Peschiera del Garda and Sirmione are just a few minutes by car from the campsite, and the Caneva World water park and Movieworld are also nearby. Book a luxury mobile home or a fully equipped bungalow tent through Eurocamp, Villatent and VacanceSelect, among others. Or view the entire range of providers.

Small Campsites on Lake Garda

In addition to the large campsites, there is also plenty on offer for small campsites on Lake Garda. These are the most beautiful and fun small campsites on Lake Garda:
  • Camping Vacanze Glamping Boutique is a small campsite in Italy located on the west coast of Lake Garda, near the quiet town of San Felice del Benaco. From this prime campsite you will enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Garda in the morning. The campsite offers various facilities, including a lovely swimming pool, playgrounds and Dutch-speaking entertainment in high season. The restaurant offers great food and at the bar you can relax with a drink. If you want to explore more of the area, you can rent a bike at the campsite or enjoy a nice walk. Several glamping accommodations are available at the campground, including a panorama bungalow, several air lodges and a deluxe lodge tent. You book accommodations through Allcamps, LuxCamp, Vacanceselect or through the campsite itself.
  • Camping Sivinos Camping Boutique is a cozy and small campsite on the idyllic side of Lake Garda. The campsite has a private beach of no less than 5 kilometers, ideal for beautiful walks as well as the surrounding nature reserve. From the restaurant’s terrace you will enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Garda. Nearby, there are numerous pleasant villages worth visiting. At this campground, you even have a special glamping accommodation where you can bring your dog, the Coco Suit Dog. You can also rent mobile homes, safari tents and apartments, as well as a camping spot. You book them through Allcamps, LuxCamp, VacanceSelect or the campsite itself.
  • Camping Le Palme is a friendly small campsite on Lake Garda that is perfect for families. The campground is located near Lazise in the middle of the Olive Riviera. You’ll find a nice pool with slide and deck chairs, fun play equipment and peace and quiet! In the evening, dine in the restaurant with stunning views of Lake Garda. There are lodge tents, mobile homes and bungalows for rent for a wonderful vacation. You book them through VacanceSelect, Allcamps and LuxCamp.
  • Camping Tiglio is a fine and small campsite on Lake Garda and is very suitable for families. It is ideally located between the historic villages of Sirmione and Peschiera. There is a lovely swimming pool, with a separate children’s and toddler’s pool, sun loungers and umbrellas. The campsite’s restaurant offers typical Italian dishes and, of course, pizza. You rent a GlamLodge tent, bungalow tent or an apartment there. Look here for all providers.

“Lake Garda is a great vacation destination!”

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