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Camping vacations by plane – quickly in southern Europe

Camping vacations by plane

The typical image of people going on a camping vacation is often as follows: a packed car with a tent, all kinds of camping gear, such as sleeping bags, air mattresses and cooking pans. Sometimes even with a caravan behind the car that is also loaded with all kinds of handy camping gear. Still, it’s much easier, especially if you’re vacationing further afield, to take the plane and stay at the campsite in a mobile home or glamping tent.

In this blog we tell you more about this more luxurious form of camping, so you can really enjoy your vacation abroad.

Luxury camping

While some call it camping only if it is with an air mattress in a tent, the more luxurious side of camping does become increasingly popular. Of course, people have been using caravans and campers equipped with all conveniences for years to make camping a little more comfortable. Think air conditioning and an antenna on the roof to receive Dutch TV.

Increasingly popular is also renting camping accommodation. Consider a mobile home or a pre-installed tent. These tents cannot be compared to a tent you bring yourself. It is often referred to as safari tent or something similar, where there are real beds and even cooking facilities. Therefore, a fridge with a freezer compartment should not be missing, so that your groceries stay well chilled during the hot weather.

Popular destinations by flight distance

Camping in countries such as France or central and northern Italy are often very manageable with your own car. However, if you want to go to Spain or the increasingly frequented Croatia, you will soon be over 18 or even 24 hours away by car. A better choice then is to rent accommodation at the campsite and opt for a flight to your vacation. For the journey from the airport to the campsite, then, it is often advisable to arrange a rental car. Also for further exploring the area around your vacation destination, of course.


Located on the Adriatic Sea makes Croatia a very nice vacation destination. Especially if you combine this with glamping in Croatia, where you stay in a luxury tent. These are equipped with all the comforts, such as a comfortable bed and in some cases even private bathrooms. The regions of Istria in the west and Dalmatia in the south are particularly popular with tourists, thanks to their location on clear waters.


Driving to northern Spain by car is often doable, with a travel time of about 15 hours from Utrecht to Bilbao. However, if you go a little further south, the travel times become too long and you have to start dividing it over several days. If you choose to travel by plane in this regard, you will be many times shorter. Bring only the necessary luggage, such as clothes, because everything you need is already present at your vacation destination in the rented accommodation.

Fly & Drive

If you are going on vacation by plane, but you would like to explore the area: opt for a rental car! So with the so-called “Fly & Drive,” you use a flight and upon arrival you can drive a rental car. Thus, the campground is easily accessible and you have the freedom to visit nearby cities, for example.

Parking at the airport

Travelers who choose a Fly & Drive usually also travel by car to the departure airport. It is important to then be able to leave your car with peace of mind. Therefore, choose to reserve a parking space online early. This is actually true for any airport, so too for parking airport Rotterdam. This airport is known for its many flights to sunny vacation destinations. For example, there are several daily flights to Alicante and Malaga, Spain.

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