Camping Pra delle Torri

Camping Pra Delle Torri - Adriatische Kust - Italië

Camping Pra delle Torri is located just north of Venice and is very interesting for families with small children, as there really is always something to do here. First of all, you are in beautiful, green nature and within walking distance of the sea. You are also close to many of the region’s cultural highlights, so an outing is a snap. And you can play sports, exercise, romp and play everywhere. Whether at the campsite itself, or at sea. This vacation center has everything to offer. From a golf course to the best restaurants. From a shopping area to an entire amusement park. Camping Pra delle Torri is huge, but don’t let that stop you, you are going to have a vacation with all the luxury and entertainment.

About Camping Pra delle Torri

Location and environment

The north of Italy, with world-famous cities like Venice, Padua and Chioggia close by. From the campsite you can be on the canals of Venice in an hour and a half by water cab, but be sure to consider an island tour to Murano, Burano and Torcello. The environment here is beautiful, with plenty of nature and culture. The campground is near Caorle, where there is always plenty to do. The town is known for its events, concerts, liveliness and for its many restaurants. Or drop down to other nearby spots such as Jesolo, Bibione and Lignano. This region has considerably more to offer than just Venice, although of course that city is not to be missed.

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Camping Pra delle Torri is an ideal destination for campers. It offers more than a thousand camping spots on its grassy fields and they are of different sizes. The smallest is as much as 90 square meters, the largest easily 150 square meters. Some pitches are only a hundred meters away from the beach, but at least you will never have to walk further than 500 meters. Scattered throughout the site you will find sanitary facilities.

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This is a four-star resort, and it certainly shows in the accommodations. You have (of course!) ample choice, including mobile homes, bungalows and apartments. All are comfortable and surrounded by lots of greenery. And, also not unimportant: nice and close to the sea. The bungalows are two-story brick row houses. You get several bedrooms and several bathrooms, plus a living room with a fine kitchenette. Of course, you can enjoy breakfast outside or drinks on your terrace, overlooking a park. The apartments also have two floors and come with every comfort. These are modern, fully equipped homes. This campground also houses a three-star hotel, with 68 rooms. Do you like to combine this? There are 44 aparthotels. Then you have an apartment, with the service of a hotel. Don’t have to think about anything at all.

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Such a huge vacation park naturally comes with a wonderful water park. You have your choice of five pools and the sea, so cooling off is guaranteed here. In the heated sports pool, of course, you can swim your laps. Sports activities are also organized here. For the children, there is the Pirate Pool, with slides, water features and the Pirate Galleon. The Slide Park is a pool with a Multipiste slide with six parallel lanes and an aquatube slide. The lighting effects and the transparent part make this one spectacular. As mentioned, the sea is very close to the park. The beach slopes very gradually and the sea is shallow for a long time. So this is also a good place to be with small children, as safety is paramount here. Rescue personnel are keeping an eye out.
New in 2023: Starting with the 2023 season, it will no longer be mandatory to wear a swim cap in the water park.

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The campground offers as many as five restaurants: Il Gabbiano, Il Vanghetto, Sporting, Ristoro Golf and Chiringuito. The Ristoro Golf is by the golf course, Chiringuito right by the sea. There is excellent food here, but it is certainly not an odd choice to just go into Caorle. This town has a historic center and a fine promenade, with numerous romantic places to eat. And after dinner, life really begins here, with street theater, performances and more. And the great thing is: a little train runs there from the campground. It is also interesting for young adults here, as the nightlife is definitely fun. In summer, the place is full of events and concerts. Caorle did you see? Then consider also visiting Jesolo, Bibione or Lignano. Different, but at least as fun.

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This campground does make sure it lives here. An entire amusement park especially for children? Have they, in the form of LunaPark. With colorful bouncy castles and a great playground, it’s romp and play here. Or let the kids race like true Max Verstappen on the mini-kart track. At the mini club, games are played, fashion shows are organized, craft activities are done and there is a disco. Still a little too old for this? In fact, there is another kind of amusement park, but for older youth: Activity Park. This park measures as much as 1,500 square meters and features a skate park with ramps. Skating or BMX’ing, you can do it here. And of course this is a meeting place, you can play panna football and music. At night, shows are organized at this campground, in the theater.

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Sports & Recreation

Exercise enough, then, for the children. Next to this campground is a golf course where you can showcase your swings once more under a blazing sun. The restaurant attached is of fine quality. With a gym, a sports area and the already mentioned skate park, you can also have fun elsewhere, or go archery? The campground is by the sea, so perhaps you can learn something new here. Go supping, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing or whatever.

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This campground comes with a complete shopping center. First of all, of course, a supermarket, for your daily groceries. Here you will find a wide selection of local and international products. Pastries, fruits and vegetables, a department of meats and cheeses. You can shop at the bazaar, with fashion accessories, toys, clothes, newspapers and tobacco. For a moment of relaxation, there is a massage center and a hairdresser. At Interno 201 you have jewelry, a candy stand, clothing and sporting goods. In short, there’s a little bit of everything.

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Details and tips

We have probably listed all the peculiarities of this campground. The Costa Brava, the surroundings, the sea, the towns and the campsite itself: you won’t get bored here and come home with a bag full of stories. And you may have learned a new skill. Did you know you can take a pottery course here?

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Map Camping Pra delle Torri

Download the map of Camping Pra delle Torri here to get a better idea of the layout and size of the campsite.


Looking for accommodation at this campsite? There can be big differences in accommodation offered, prices and availability with operators. So compare operators carefully!