Camping Cala Gogo

Camping Cala Gogo pool slides and views

Camping Cala Gogo is a large terraced campsite near the lively village of Platja d’Aro in Spain. Located on a small mountain, the campground has plenty of natural shade thanks to its tall pines and large oaks. What makes this campsite unique is its direct location on the beautiful beach of the Costa Brava. The beach is located in a large bay with a lovely sandy beach and access to the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to a little train, you will be dropped right at the beach. And that’s nice, because there are considerable elevation changes at this campground. But thanks to these height differences, you do have a very nice view of the sea from the campsite! If you have mobility problems, we do not recommend this campground. Since 2023, guests of Camping Cala Gogo can also use the facilities of the neighboring Camping Internacional de Calonge.

In addition to the beach, there are no less than six different pools at this campground, from super fun children’s pool, a large play pool to a chill out pool . It is therefore certain that you are going to enjoy yourself here. And if not, the super fun entertainment team will make sure you won’t get bored. Nearby, there are also lots of nice villages and beaches to visit. If you want to store, eat out or go to another beach, you can walk to the village of Platja d’Aro. If you want even more slides, Aquadiver water park is a fun day out!

About Camping Cala Gogo

Location and environment

Camping Cala Gogo is located on the Costa Brava with its beautiful beaches and coves. This campground is right on the beach. Since it is a terraced campground and therefore there is a lot of difference in altitude, it is very nice that throughout the day there is a little train running from different places from the campground directly to the beach. From the beach you can visit other coves while walking. And definitely don’t forget to bring your snorkeling kit, because you are guaranteed to see lots of fish.

The lively village of Platja d’Aro is just a 10-minute walk away. Here you will find lots of stores, including larger chains, and you can enjoy shopping. In addition, there is a large promenade along the beach. Enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and sea or have a coffee or cocktail at one of the bars along the promenade. In addition, there are lots of restaurants where you can have a delicious lunch or dinner. For young people, Platja d’Aro is known for its many entertainment options. At the edge of the village is a fairground that is there all year: PP’s Park. This park is open daily from 5:30 p.m. to 00 a.m. during high season. In the off-season, they are open every weekend. You will find various attractions such as white-water rides, slides and merry-go-rounds. But also a game zone, trampoline and much more.

If you, or the kids, don’t have enough of the slides at the campground, a trip to Aquadiver water park is definitely a must! And that’s just a 5-minute drive from the campground. It is a large water park with themed pools and wave pools and, of course, lots of different types of slides.

In addition, from the campsite you can take beautiful walks along the various rocky coves with sandy beaches, cliffs, pine trees.

From Camping Cala Gogo, a visit to Barcelona is also definitely possible. This is about a 100-km drive. Be careful, though, because if you go by car yourself you will need a separate environmental sticker for the city of Barcelona. The ANWB website has more information on this.

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As previously mentioned, Camping Cala Gogo is a terraced campsite. This means that the campground is situated on a mountain, so there is a lot of difference in altitude. The pitches have a terrace of sand and gravel. The sites are quite different: you can be on a very busy street, with your neighbors right next to you. These spots are pretty straightforward. If little to no natural shade is available, the campground has provided shade through a canopy.

There are also spots on/next to the street. Putting your caravan/camper down here can be quite a challenge, though, as it can be quite steep. There is also good drainage at the campsite, but this also means you have a substantial gutter that you have to drive over with your caravan/camper. So be careful not to get yourself stuck! Fortunately, you have plenty of neighbors who are happy to lend a hand with parking your mode of transportation. These spots can vary quite a bit in size.

There are as many as nine different camping spots in total at Camping Cala Gogo, three of which are specifically for tents. We will elaborate on them below:

Confort Beach: these pitches are designed for up to 6 people and have their own water connection. Electricity is 6A
Standard Beach: you can stand on this pitch with a maximum of 6 people. In addition to a private water connection, 6A of electricity is included.
XL Beach: these pitches are beachfront with sea views and plenty of shade. You may stand there with a maximum of 6 people. Here you get 10A of electricity and, of course, you have your own water connection.
Confort: this pitch is ideal for caravans / motorhomes up to 7 meters long (with drawbar). A maximum of 6 people are allowed, it comes with 6A of electricity and its own water connection. You book camping spot Confort through Allcamps.
Standard: standard pitches are designed for smaller caravans or camper vans. In addition to a private water connection and 6A of electricity, it can accommodate up to 6 people.
XL: XL pitches are the largest pitches and are suitable for large caravans and campers. The sites are over 90m2 and have 10A of electricity. Again, you have your own water connection and a maximum of 6 people are allowed.
Tent L: these are the largest sites for a large tent (maximum 8×5 meters). You may camp there with up to 6 people and 6A of electricity is included.
Tent M: this tent site fits a tent of up to 4×5 meters and most sites have shade. Again, you can pitch up to 6 people and 6A of electricity is included in the price.
Tent S: these are the smallest sites for the typical small pop-up tent. You can camp here with up to 3 people, but you get 6A of electricity.

Cars must be parked at your camping spot. This is a shame, though, because it makes the already narrow streets even narrower. And of course, this is also less for visibility.

There are several plumbing buildings at this campground. And the plumbing is of a high standard, having been renewed not long ago. It looks sleek and it is also cleaned throughout the day. There are plenty of sinks and toilets. The showers are spacious and feature a bench and hanging hooks. In addition, it is nice that there is a faucet and not a push button.

The dishwashing areas are also spacious and have a large sink. There are also special sinks to wash your clothes. But you will also find a laundry room with several washing machines and an ironing board. There are several washrooms in the campground.

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In addition to pitches for your own tent or caravan, at Cala Gogo you have a wide choice of different types of accommodation. At the campsite itself there are a wide range of types of accommodation for rent, but we would like to give you an overview of the accommodations offered by the different providers. So you won’t find these accommodations at the campsite itself, but you can only book them with the providers below.

Cala Gogo

Cala Gogo also offers its own mobile homes, which you can rent through Allcamps.

Mobile home Helia: These new mobile homes are located at the very top of the campsite (pitches HE1-HE10). These spots are on top of the mountain, so can be quite a climb. On the other hand, there are Helia 11 through Helia 16. These are located at the top of the campground, to the left of the pools. The Helia mobile home is 28m2, has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. One bedroom has a double bed, one room has two single beds and in the living room there is a sofa bed suitable for 1 person.

Mobile home Helia Plus: These mobile homes are located at the very top of the campsite (pitches HP1-HP10). These spots are on top of the mountain, so can be quite a climb. The Helia Plus mobile home is 33m2 and has 3 bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed and 2 rooms have two single beds. This property was formerly called Ocean.

Bungalow Vista: Mobile home Vista is one of the most beautiful rental accommodations at Camping Cala Gogo. Located in the upper part of the campground, this bungalow has great views, some even of the sea. The bungalow is 45m2 in size, can accommodate 6 people and has 2 bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed, one room has two single beds and in the living room there is a sofa bed suitable for 2 people. This bungalow has private parking and the campground train stops right outside the door. In addition, the bungalows are located next to the entrance to Camping Internacional de Calonge, putting you halfway between the campsites’ two water parks. The TV has fiber optics and features Movistar, HBO and Netflix. Note that the best views are from Vista (V) 7, 11, 13, 14 and 15. Numbers V1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 16 have partial views and numbers V3, 4, 5 and 12 have little or no sea view.

Bungalow Bora: Bungalow Bora is 28m2 and can accommodate 6 people. It is slightly simpler than a mobile home, but has plenty of space. Thus, this bungalow is the only one that has 2 bedrooms, each with a double bed. One of the rooms also has a bunk bed. Please note that there is no AC. These bungalows are quite at the top of Camping Cala Gogo, see #BR1 to BR6 on the Map. This accommodation was formerly called Campitel.

Bungalow Bora Smart: Bungalow Bora is 20m2 in size and can accommodate 4 people. This modest bungalow is affordable, with no extras but very practical. It is slightly simpler than a mobile home, but has plenty of space. The kitchen/dining room is separated by a curtain from the bedroom with 2 single beds. In addition, there is 1 bedroom with a double bed. Please note that there is no AC. These bungalows are quite at the top of Camping Cala Gogo, see #BS1 to BS12 on the map. This accommodation was formerly called Campeco.

The accommodations of Cala Gogo book with: AllCamps / Lux-Camp


Vacanceselect has both mobile homes and luxury safari tents for rent at Camping Cala Gogo.

Cosy mobile home: These mobile homes are located at the very top of the campsite (pitches 01VL to 10VL). These spots are on top of the mountain, so can be quite a climb. The Cosy Mobile Home is 30m2 and has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. One bedroom has a double bed, one has two single beds and one has bunk beds.

Privilege Mobile Home: This second group of mobile homes is located below the Chill Out pool (pitches 11VL to 17VL). This is a quieter part of the campground, with a playground close to the mobile homes. The Privilege mobile homes are more expensive, but are also slightly larger (34m2) and have an extra spacious terrace. This mobile home also has 3 bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed; two rooms have two single beds.

The Safari Lux Tent XL safari tents are also located in the same quiet area as the Privilege mobile homes, but just above the tennis courts and soccer field (pitches LT1 to LT10). These tents are also on top of a mountain, so they can be quite a climb from the rest of the campground facilities. The upside is that you do have a great view! The safari tents themselves are beautiful and mostly equipped with wooden trim and furniture. They can accommodate 6 people, and have 3 bedrooms. The Lux Tent XL lives up to its name, because with a bathroom, air conditioning and dishwasher, there is no shortage of luxury.

Vacanceselect accommodations can be booked with: Vacanceselect / Suncamp

Happy Camp

Happy Camp mobile homes can be found between the tennis court and the Chill Out pool (pitches HC1 to HC35 on the map) and are available in 2 types:

Happy Standard: A 24m2 mobile home suitable for up to 6 people with 2 bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed, the other has two single beds and an oversize bed for a child up to 12 years old. One more person can sleep on the sofa bed in the living room.

Happy Premium: A 30m2 mobile home suitable for 6 people with 3 bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed, the other two bedrooms have two double beds. For a large family, this Premium version is a better choice.

Happy Camp accommodations can be booked at: AllCamps / Lux-Camp


Roan mobile homes are located next to the sports fields (sites RN1 to RN20 on the map). These are quite high on the mountain, so a hike from another part of the campground can be quite a climb. The upside is that you have beautiful views from this location. Most Roan mobile homes also have sea views.

Premium Plus Lounge: A 35m2 mobile home, with 3 bedrooms, suitable for 6 people. This mobile home is from Roan’s luxury segment and is spacious and modern. There is a spacious veranda of 19m2 equipped with a nice lounge sofa. The Premium Plus Lounge can be booked in a variant with or without an ocean view.

Supreme Plus Lounge: A 37m2 mobile home, with 3 bedrooms, suitable for 6 people. This mobile home is Roan’s most luxurious mobile home, and has just a few more advantages than the Premium Plus Lounge. In addition to being slightly larger, the furnishings are even more modern and complete. Thus, the double bed is equipped with an Auping mattress and bed linen and towels are included in the price. At 24m2, the terrace is also even larger than the Premium Plus Lounge and also features a fine hanging chair. All Supreme Plus Lounge mobile homes have sea views as standard.

Tip: If you plan to rent bedding and towels anyway choose the Supreme Plus Lounge. Renting towels and bedding for 6 people in the Premium Plus Lounge already costs €149, while the extra cost for the Supreme Plus Lounge for a week is about €200/€300 and you then also have an even more luxurious mobile home.

Roan accommodations can be booked at: AllCamps / Lux-Camp


Eurocamp mobile homes are scattered in the upper part of the campsite (EC1 to EC28 on the map). Most mobile homes are fairly close to central facilities, so that’s nice. Mobile homes come in many different types. Comfort mobile homes are the cheapest, but also between 9-13 years old. The Azure mobile homes are newer and more modern.

Comfort (2 bedrooms): 24m2 mobile home with 2 bedrooms, sleeping 6 people (with 2 people sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room).

Comfort (3 bedrooms): Mobile home of 30m2 with 3 bedrooms, for 6 people.

Comfort Vista (2 bedrooms): Mobile home of 24m2 with 2 bedrooms, for 6 people (including max 4 adults). This mobile home has many windows, so wonderfully light. This mobile home has French doors in the kitchen as well as in the living room.

Comfort Vista (3 bedrooms): Mobile home of 34m2 with 3 bedrooms, for 6 people. Also this mobile home both French doors in the kitchen and living room.

Azure Vista (3 bedrooms): Mobile home of 30m2 with 3 bedrooms, suitable for 6 people. This ‘Vista’ mobile home is slightly smaller (and cheaper) than the regular ‘Azure’. As a result, the double bed is slightly narrower (1m40) and there is only a dining table with a sofa on 1 side. The regular Azure has a separate sitting area and dining table.

Azure (3 bedroom campers): Mobile home of 32m2 with 3 bedrooms, suitable for 6 people. It has a wider (1.60m) double bed than the Azure Vista (1m40) and, compared to the Azure Vista, has a separate sitting area and dining table.

Azure Lounge (3 bedrooms): Mobile home of 32m2 with 3 bedrooms, suitable for 6 people. This is Eurocamp’s most luxurious version mobile home at Cala Gogo, and features a lounge sofa on the terrace. In addition, the double bed has “Comfort-Plus” mattresses and better garden furniture. The kitchen has a Nespresso machine, kettle and toaster.

Book Eurocamp accommodations at: AllCamps / Lux-Camp

Family Holidays

Family Holidays is a small provider specializing in campsites on the Costa Brava. At Camping Cala Gogo, they offer furnished bungalow tents. The bungalow tents are in spots 450 to 453 and 638 to 644. The spots are ideal, close to central facilities and pools.

Luxury Bungalow Tent: Bungalow tent of 25m2 suitable for up to 6 people. By default there are 5 beds in the tent, but a sixth bed can be added upon request. There are 3 sleeping cabins, but by rolling up a partition this can also be adapted to 2 sleeping cabins. Handy for when there are 4 of you. The tent has a kitchen and large refrigerator with freezer compartment. There are 2 tables, 4 tub chairs and 2 adjustable chairs. Note that you must bring your own quilts, pillows, etc., or rent them separately.

Book Family Holidays accommodations at: Family Holidays

Lifestyle Holidays

Lifestyle Holidays mobile homes come in many different types. Below we provide an overview on choosing the right mobile home for your group size. Lifestyle Holidays mobile homes are scattered throughout Camping Cala Gogo. In addition to mobile homes, Lifestyle Holidays also has bungalow tents at Cala Gogo.

Super Lodge Tent: A bungalow tent of 25m2, for up to 5 people. The bungalow tent has 3 bedrooms, 2 with double beds and 1 with a single bed. The tent is equipped with a kitchen and refrigerator. Outside is

The location of the tents are quite good: close to the the central facilities, but far enough not to be bothered by them.
(Places 519, 566, 567, 568, 569, 591, 801, 802, 803, 804, 805)

Ruby 2: A 24m² mobile home for 6 people with 2 bedrooms (1x double bed, 2x single bed) and a sofa bed in the living room.
(Places LS30 and LS33)

Ruby 3: A 32m² mobile home for 8 people with 3 bedrooms (1x double bed, 4x single bed) and a sofa bed in the living room.
(Places LS1, LS2, LS4, LS6, LS8, LS9, LS10, LS14, LS15, LS17, LS18, LS19, LS20, LS21, LS22, LS24, LS25, LS26, LS27, SH01, SH02, SH03, SH07, SH10)

Amber 2: A 24m² mobile home for 4 people with 2 bedrooms (1x double bed, 2x single bed)
(Places LS2, LS28, LS29, LS31, LS32, LS34)

Sapphire: A 32m² mobile home for 6 people with 2 bedrooms (1x double bed, 2x single bed) and a sofa bed in the living room.
(Places LS5, LS7, LS11, LS12, LS13, LS16)

Emerald: A 40m² mobile home for 8 people with 3 bedrooms (1x double bed, 4x single bed) and a sofa bed in the living room.
(Places SH05, SH08, SH09, SH12, SH13)

Platinum / Apollo 8: A 40m² mobile home for 8 people with 3 bedrooms (1x double bed, 4x single bed) and a sofa bed in the living room. This is Lifestyle Holidays’ largest mobile home and features 2 bathrooms with toilet, shower and sink.
The Emerald is similar in area to the Apollo. The difference is that the Emerald has only 1 shower and the Apollo has 2 showers. This leaves you with more space in the living room in the Emerald, but so you all have to use 1 bathroom.
(Places SH04, SH06, SH14, SH15, SH16)

Lifestyle Holidays accommodations can be booked at: AllCamps / Lux-Camp / Suncamp / Roompot

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If you love swimming, Camping Cala Gogo is the right place to be! With as many as six pools, you’ll have plenty to choose from. The largest pools are located in the middle of the campground. There is an incredibly fun children’s pool there with three slides and various animals that spray water. With fine loungers surrounding the children’s pool, you have a good view of your child.
Going up a staircase, you will find the largest pool and also the place where most of the water activities take place, think aqua gym, water basketball, water volleyball, etc. Going up another set of stairs, you will arrive at the various slides. There’s a gentle slide where you can enjoy going around or choose from one of the super-fast slides. At one, you can even do a competition with your friends or family who gets down the fastest. So in this pool it is mainly a coming and going of those who go down the slide. Next to this bath, is a larger and somewhat quieter bath. You also have a children’s pool here where the water is up to 30 cm high.
The Pool Bar is right next to these pools. And in the off-season, two of these pools are heated (by solar energy) so even then you can enjoy swimming. It can be quite crowded at these pools.

A little higher up the campground is the Chill Out pool. As the name suggests, it is quieter here and you can chill out. There are sunbeds available and a small whirlpool is integrated into the pool. The Chill Out restaurant can also be found here. We found this a relief after spending several days at the big pool.

There are many sunbeds available, but certainly not enough for all campers. There are also umbrellas set up, but not at all sunbeds. There is actually no natural shade to be found. Around the pools, however, benches have been created against the walls, so you can always put your flip-flops and stuff there. Or you can take a seat on the terrace of the restaurants. The pools are not fenced and therefore so accessible.

And, of course, you have direct access to the beautiful sandy beach. This is unique to this campground though. The beach is one of the most prestigious of the Costa Brava, “Cala SesTorretes”. A small beach with turquoise water, ideal for enjoying the rays of the summer sun. Because there are quite a few differences in altitude, a little train runs throughout the day that you can board at two spots in the campground. One is near the largest pool in the center of the campground, the other spot is near the reception. You will be dropped off right at the beach. And if you want to return to your accommodation, take the little train back up. This is also nice if you want to eat at the beachfront restaurant in the evening, for example. Of course, you can also walk yourself, but depending on your spot, this can be a really big climb. Unique to this campground is its own beach, which you can take a little train to from the campground. Given the altitude difference, this is very pleasant, because otherwise it is quite a hike/climb.
If you don’t feel like lugging an umbrella or beach chair yourself, you can rent one! There is a rental system from Sloow Point – Sloowy at the entrance to the beach. Using the Sloowy app, you gain access to the locker. You pay by the minute and the cost is charged at the end, when you return rented items.

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There are three restaurants at Camping Cala Gogo, each with its own theme. Everywhere you can get a nice ice cream or slush. And, of course, a cold beer or nice cocktail. Near the beach you have the Beach Bar. Here, paella and Mediterranean cuisine take center stage. But you can also order fries and a croquette.
At the pool in the middle of the campground you will find mostly grill food, tasty snacks and appetizers. And, according to them, the tastiest Mojito on the Costa Brava.
If you are in the mood for food with an Asian twist, then you must go to the Green Chill Out, which is located by the Chill Out pool. All restaurants also have an overlap of dishes. It all tasted delicious and it was also quite affordable.

Of course, you can order your food anywhere and eat it at your own (rental) accommodation.

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Animation at Camping Cala Gogo is well organized thanks to a super enthusiastic animation team, consisting of several nationalities. When we were there, there were also two Dutch girls present. This our children liked very much. The whole team always makes it a party and clearly enjoys it.

The entertainment program is divided into several groups. So you have the mini club, which again is divided into two groups: 4-7 years old and 8-12 years old. There is something planned for this group every morning and every afternoon. The games were incredibly fun and of a high standard. Think water and ball games. But also to scavenger hunts, which were very well organized and which our son found super cool. At the mini-club, you must register your child upon arrival and leave your information as a parent. If something is going on with your child, they will call you. The Junior Teen club is for all 13-16 year olds and for them the program begins in the afternoon and ends in the evening. These are mainly sports activities such as water polo, soccer, ping pong but also a DJ master class. There is also a special Family program with various sports tournaments and a Fitness program including pilates, yoga, aerobics and zumba.

At the Pool Bar, the mini disco takes place every night with a different theme each night. The disco is led by two members of the entertainment team and they are dressed according to the theme. There were always other team members in the audience dancing along, too. What our kids really liked is that they didn’t play the same music every day. But they do end every day with the same song, and that’s the one on which parents are also asked to dance along. And Seni, the campground mascot, always came to dance along with the last song. Afterwards, the children were able to have their picture taken with Seni. After the mini-disco, there was always more to do, think quiz, disco or karaoke. An evening program is also organized every day at the other two restaurants.

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Sports & Recreation

As mentioned earlier, there is an extensive entertainment program involving many sports. But of course, you can also play soccer on one of the soccer fields, play tennis or basketball yourself. There is also a gym with treadmills, weights and other fitness equipment.
There are also several playgrounds and find a also game hall including billiards, an air field hockey table and pinball machines. At all restaurants there is a pool table and ping pong tables can be found in several places.

If you want something completely different, you can even take diving lessons at Camping Cala Gogo. On the beach you will find the diving school Diversub, where you can take lessons but where you can also do a trial dive. If you already have a diving license, you can also rent equipment here. They also organize evening dives there!

From the campground you can also take a few walks. For example, the hiking trail to Sant Antoni is very well rated. This 3-kilometer route takes you through tunnels between rocks, small bays with turquoise water and beautiful views. But the route to S’Agaró is also beautiful, although a bit longer (7 km).

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You will find at this campground a large supermarket with a wide range of national and international products. The range of Dutch products was also quite large. You can also find fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foods and beverages here.

Next to the supermarket is a bakery where they bake fresh bread all day, as well as delicious sweet rolls. They sell Dutch currant buns, brown bread and, of course, baguettes. Also, you can buy fresh orange juice here: you buy a glass bottle and can then have it refilled for a flat fee.

There is also a gift store where you can buy toys, as well as bath towels, swimwear and camping supplies.

The stores are all located around the Pool Bar, in the center of the campground. A bakery is also located near the Chill Out restaurant, so you don’t have to walk too far if you are a little higher up on the campground.

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Details and tips

Camping Cala Gogo is part of the Sènia Camping & Resorts group. They have campsites and resorts on the Costa Brava and (around) Barcelona. When you book a campsite with them, children are the focus, as the campsites are designed for family vacations with entertainment, pools, slides and playgrounds.

Whether a dog/pet is allowed may vary per rental property. During the period from the beginning of July to the end of August, it is not allowed to bring a dog on the entire campsite.

A doctor is on site a few times a week.

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Map Camping Cala Gogo

Download the map of Camping Cala Gogo here to get a better idea of the layout and size of the campsite.


Looking for accommodation at this campsite? There can be big differences in accommodation offered, prices and availability with operators. So compare operators carefully!